Creative Direction, UI/UX Design, Illustration
This mobile application was designed for BrainStation's UI Design certificate class. Over the course of 2 months, I learned the principles of UI design – including UI elements, best practices, and human-centered design – to create intuitive and interactive interfaces. Having worked closely with academics and researchers, I was familiar with the myriad issues that arise when trying to get a paper published in a scientific journal. This app is my solution for making the academic publishing process more seamless and collaborative, enabling scientists to focus on what they do best – the research itself. 
The process of scientific publication is long and arduous with many steps, often involving many people who join at different time points. Some specific issues include:
Timeline: getting a research paper published takes a lot of time, often multiple years. It can be easy to lose track of tasks and people.
People: there are often many people that contribute to a research paper. Those who join later in the process may not even know the basic information about the research project they are helping with (such as title, co-authors, goals, outcomes).
Communication: lack of communication between supervisors and students, or to academics at other institutions may slow the progress of research.
Mental Health: many graduate students and researchers struggle with anxiety and depression as the academic system instils a high degree of pressure to publish often and to conduct meaningful research that contributes to the scientific community. Helping the audience visualize their progress may help to mitigate this.

Develop a mobile and web app that breaks the research process into discrete steps that are easily tracked and allow task delegation, creates a streamlined dashboard that contains all ongoing and completed research projects in one place, provides a 'Tips and Questions' section where the user can get specific advice from collaborators.
User Flow Diagram
Lo-fi Wireframes
All wireframes and UI elements were designed in Sketch.
Hi-Fi Wireframes
Brand assets
Finished Prototype
Interactivity and user testing was conducted using InVision. I'm pleased to say the final mobile app design was selected to be displayed in a showcase of exemplary work at BrainStation!


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