Visualizing science from cells to stars

Avesta Rastan • Scientific Visualization Specialist

The Complement System
Design, Art Direction, Concept Art
This infographic summarizes the complement system – a complicated series of molecular pathways involved in the clearance of pathogens, such as bacteria, in the body.
The Social Determinants of Health
Data Viz, Graphic Design, Illustration
This infographic highlights the importance of the social determinants of health and serves as a guide for Healthcare Practitioners about how to adress the SDOH in clinical practice to best serve the needs of patients.
COVID-19 Infographic
Infographic Design, Illustration
Published in early April, 2020, this infographic was one of the first visual references in the world that showed the public how COVID-19 caused pneumonia. It garnered millions of views online and has been translated into 18 languages.
The Cancer Paradox
Infographic Design, 3D Art, Graphic Design
An editorial infographic spread for a popular science magazine that visually represents how mutations in protein p53, known as the guardian of the genome, can lead to an increased risk of cancer.
Akademic App
UI Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Research is hard enough, tracking it shouldn't be. This app serves as a personal research assistant, allowing academics to track their progress on papers they are working to publish and facilitating easy feedback from collaborators.
Lymphatic System Graphical Abstract
Graphical Abstract, Illustration
Custom illustration makes scientific research stand out. This image summarizes normal lymphatic function vs. impaired function in patients with acute decompensated heart failure, while highlighting a new medical device.
Illuminating Medulloblastoma
3D Animation, Art Direction
This graduate thesis project is a 3D animation about cutting-edge research on a childhood brain cancer with an emphasis on effective visual communication.
Planetary Satellites
Data Viz, Illustration, Graphic Design
Hundreds of lines of data from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory compressed into one poster in order to bring attention to the many planetary satellites, or moons, in the solar system.
Nerve Regeneration Animation
2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Illustration
A collaborative 2D science explainer video that highlights a novel surgical technique that can be used to treat patients with peripheral nerve injuries.
Gut Feeling Magazine Cover
Editorial Illustration, 3D Art, Graphic Design
This mock cover design for Nature Magazine highlights modern research on the microbiome gut-brain axis that reveals how the gut can communicate with the brain.
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